this lexicon is a constant work in progress

Cave Wall Shadows
Plato’s groundbreaking metaphysical analogy described the illusory nature of reality as lifelong confinement to the dark inner recesses of a cave, seeing nothing but shadows on the wall. If we were able to perceive beyond the limitations of our 5 senses, it would be like release from the cave to see more than silhouettes of forms with shape, colour and texture. The digital world we’ve made for ourselves is not just empowering, its intoxicating, inviting us to shun the real world and revel in the cave wall shadows. The hikikomori phenomenon in Japan is one such example.


Composicam is an effects technique developed by Oscar Nicholson. Still images are composited into a photorealistic 3D environment, into which live footage can be integrated (case study coming soon).


Global Financial Crisis


The metaphysical inquiry of reality; what exists, how it exists, how it relates to other things, what it is made up of, how its components effect its nature, whether it is static, changing or ceasing to exist.


Three Letter Acronym


User Generated Content

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