Power of Provocation

I recently got my panties in a bunch over Zac Martin’s guest post for Julian Cole’s blog Adspace Pioneers. Commenting on his inflammatory opinion of Hollywood’s imminent demise knotted up my panties good. What was interesting though is how his admission of deliberate provocation not only untied the knots in my panties, it also inspired self-reflection on my own blog writing style.

Zac being the consumate conversationalist, he has now continued the discussion on his blog Pigs Don’t Fly. It questions the necessity of sensationalism in not just social media, but media generally.


2 Responses to “Power of Provocation”

  1. Sensationalism of this kind is nothing more than what people in the ad business refer to as borrowed interest.

    • When audiences bombarded with media become too complacent, a little kick is sometimes required to provoke a reaction. But you’re right, in most cases sensationalism is unwarranted and just contributes to the complacent audience, cynical of an ulterior motive behind the message.

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