Society Sobriety (pt2) Blockbuster to Bankbuster

If 1977 was the year of the Star Wars cultural watershed, 2007 was the year of the GFC watershed. Both blockbuster and bankbuster, epic stories about the beginning of the end of an evil empire. We’ve probably yet to hit rock bottom and get our Empire Strikes Back. The restoration of peace and order of Return of the Jedi is still a while off.
In case you wondered, I’m not a Star Wars geek, not even really a fan. I’m just a sucker for analogies loaded with poetic justice. Star Wars heralded a bigger is better attitude and the GFC is the attitude adjustment.

Anyone else got a tasty analogy for the GFC?

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One Response to “Society Sobriety (pt2) Blockbuster to Bankbuster”

  1. Without even realizing, someone pointed out to me that I posted this on Star Wars Day, so it proves I’m not a Star Wars geek.

    Apparently Star Wars Day is an in-joke told with a lisp “…may the force be with you” on May the Fourth.

    Oh pop culture, you little rascal you

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