Big Budget Viral

I’m astounded at the production quality for some viral video campaigns. Where the Still Free viral used its budget to cleverly conceal a hoax as user generated content, we’re now seeing virals that are epic. Like Hollywood epic.

The latest is a compelling single-take tracking shot through a time-slice moment during a hostage crisis.

With production values like this, its a shame they borrowed so heavily from The Dark Knight. At least none of the evil clowns were dressed as nurses.

Created by Stink Digital, its a promotional video for Phillips’ latest television. My take is that YouTube is the viral component, attracting audiences to the product’s microsite, where the video plays in high quality on an endless loop with behind-the-scenes tags and other interactive elements. The online production qualities are equally stunning.

Its admirable that they resisted the temptation to embed branding into the video, but I’m sure Phillips’ marketing department is anxious to see ROI. As of today its had nearly 180k YouTube video views within 2 weeks. Doesn’t actually qualify it as a viral success yet, but there’s still time. However, most of the comments critique the technique and pick out flaws in its execution, punctuated by the odd WOW comment. I guess what’s important is the microsite’s page impressions.

Do you think a viral of this scale is a prudent or extravagant advertising spend? Does anyone know what this video’s production budget was or the success of the microsite?


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